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How it Works

A hybrid medical model of concierge medicine (or membership as we like to call it) is a practice that combines traditional insurance-based care with a concierge medicine approach. In this model, patients pay an annual membership fee to receive personalized care and additional benefits beyond what is covered by their insurance plan. The hybrid model allows patients to opt into a concierge program while still using their traditional insurance for medical services.


Patients that participate in the concierge program pay an annual fee that provides them with benefits such as same-day appointments, extended appointment times, direct access to their provider through phone or email, and personalized health plans.In addition to the concierge benefits, patients can also use their insurance coverage for medical services as they normally would.


This hybrid model provides patients with the best of both worlds, allowing them to have access to personalized care while still being able to use their insurance for medical services. (Plans also available for those without medical insurance). The hybrid model of concierge medicine also benefits providers by allowing them to focus on providing personalized care to a smaller number of patients. This approach can lead to improved patient outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and reduced medical provider burnout.

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